Why is the DeFi product SushiChain launched by the British 888 Group trustworthy?

At present, the market value of the global encryption market has exceeded 1 trillion US dollars, with more than 26,000 cryptocurrencies. In addition to BTC, which has been strong for more than 10 years, and the top-ranked mainstream coins, there are still many potential coins with application value that are constantly being born to promote the prosperity of the entire market.

In addition, the great prosperity of the cryptocurrency market also stems from the rise of DeFi. Liquidity mining pioneered by Compound has opened up a new market. In most DeFi protocols, liquidity providers can get the largest share of system rewards, which is completely logical.

Although DeFi once rebuilt the consensus of cryptocurrency believers, at the level of liquidity provision, the problem is that the process of creating sufficient liquidity is very slow; on the other hand, for many people who want to provide funds, they will feel that , The risk-benefit ratio of DeFi is too large, as big as picking up coins in front of a steamroller.

Against this background of the industry, the British 888 Group is forward-looking into the blockchain and encryption industry, and jointly with the Sushi Foundation to issue a new DeFi product SushiChain, which is committed to creating a builder of the underlying infrastructure in the DeFi world, and proposed An innovative liquid mining solution, which uses Sushi to exchange SSC NFT certificates for pledge mining, and finally to create sufficient liquidity. This mining model can not only create considerable liquidity and investor returns, but also allow funds from decentralized exchanges to cooperate to solve the “cold start” problem that the DeFi market generally encounters.

Compared with traditional DeFi protocols, SushiChain has the following significant advantages:

1.888 Group endorsement

Endorsed by a well-known British business group with strong background

  1. Low barriers to participation

Simple operation process, user-friendly product

  1. Entity ecological blessing, high return rate

Stable return, long-term income

  1. Practical application scenarios of tokens

The platform token SSC can be used in actual scenarios such as payment

888Asia, which is in charge of SushiChain’s Asia-Pacific business, is a multinational company established in 2018. It is a subsidiary of 888 Group. It is headquartered in the UK and has offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore and other countries. 888Asia is committed to providing customers with diversified services, covering primary land development and real estate, finance, international trade, property management, cultural media, catering and other industries.

As an advocate of the development strategy of global urban circles, 888Asia actively responds to the “One Belt, One Road” policy in Southeast Asia, and takes Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines as its core markets, while expanding to Georgia, Singapore, Thailand and other Asian countries. Over the years, 888Asia has been deeply cultivated in Southeast Asia, has strong industrial strength, and has achieved great success in the development of residential and commercial projects, covering a total area of about 80,000 square meters.

In recent years, 888Asia has received international recognition for its strong strength and won many awards, fully affirming its outstanding performance in the real estate field and its contribution in the field of project development quality and innovation. 888Asia takes environmental sustainable development as its own responsibility, and has won awards such as the International Construction Bureau (BCA) Green Building Mark Award and the Energy and Environmental Design Certification (LEED) Platinum Pre-certification. In terms of real estate development, 888Asia has won many awards including International Property Awards, FIABCI Property Awards, BCI Asia Awards and South East Asia Property Awards. International awards.

With the continuous circulation of SushiChain’s platform token SSC in the 888 Group’s physical business applications, when the demand relationship reaches a long-term state of short supply, the rise in currency prices will be accelerated, forming the value-added logic of Token. Coupled with the blessing of both dynamic and static benefits, compound interest and self-fission effects will play an important role in the prosperity of the overall ecology and the stability of consensus.

Compared with traditional staking mining, SushiChain has formed a unique mechanism in the construction of DeFi mining pools. This mechanism is enough to enable the SushiChain ecology to achieve sustainable development, and at the same time feed back diverse real industries and help the growth of SSC tokens. The deflationary effect forms a closed-loop ecology with a two-way positive cycle, which will attract more and more consensus members and co-builders to join in it in the future.

After SSC is listed on the world’s top exchanges, the value of a platform cannot be measured by market prices. For SSC, its best investment choice is not displayed on the K-line chart, it is just a reference, and more attention should be paid to what SushiChain wants to do. Although this is a bit close to the argument of the “efficient market hypothesis”, looking back at a normal investment market, such a judgment can increase the possibility of hitting the target, instead of closing your eyes and “going all the way to the end”.

Holding SSC is equivalent to holding shares in 888Asia, a global comprehensive enterprise, and investors are global partners. Based on value consensus and interest-driven, believers around the world voluntarily preach and deepen consensus. We know that the best self-interest is altruism, and we give priority to protecting the rights and interests of value investors around the world, so as to realize the true shaping of the project’s traffic ecology and DeFi value.

As the “BTC” in the current global DeFi ecosystem, SushiChain wants to build a new valuable financial and blockchain business application system. At the beginning of the design, SushiChain chose a more economical decentralization method to reduce the cost of mining credits again, so that everyone can participate in this innovation.

The value of Internet technology actually shines brightly when its application scenarios continue to increase and it is truly integrated into the lives of ordinary people. Referring to the development of the Internet era, we can get a glimpse of new ideas for the blockchain industry in the era of digital economy. SushiChain can help reshape the original traditional ecology of many physical industries through blockchain technology. Its token SSC has considerable application value and is the value choice in the cryptocurrency market!

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