2023 Blockchain blockbuster news: DBL (dao) decentralized bond laboratory has been supported by many well-known investment institutions

Recently, the decentralized debt laboratory DBL (dao) announced that DBL (dao) has been supported by a number of well-known institutions, led by Bixin Ventures and Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Future Foundatio.


With its forward-looking strategic vision and strong technical strength, DBL (dao) has won the recognition and strategic support of many star organizations led by Bixin Ventures, injecting funds and resources for the follow-up project development, ecological construction and market activities.

Strategic partner

DBL (By building with ecosystem partners, ao) has created a larger bond market larger than its parts combined. Revenue aggregators, custodians, portals and exchanges provide the necessary foundation and scale for the development of the DBL (ao) network.

About DBL (ao)

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond laboratory jointly created by the British elite team incubated in Dubai, invested by Dubai Future Foundation led by Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures.

DBL (dao) is a decentralized debt ecological platform that supports the creation and management of multiple redememable bonds and provides bond and bond derivatives transactions. The platform provides visual bond and bond derivatives creation tools, which can allow any institutions and individuals to design their own bond products for financing through the visual programming interface with a very low technical threshold. DBL (dao) as the world’s leading agreement and ecological platform focusing on decentralized bond products, DBL (dao) can support the issuance, redemption, trading and bond derivatives trading of various types of bonds, LP bonds, NFT bonds, hybrid bonds, filling the gap in the decentralized bond products in the current DeFi market.

The main business of DBL (ao) platform

DBL (ao) profit model

DBL (ao) core competitiveness

Global market layout

DBL (dao) will be in the world, at the same time, the layout of Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and other countries, 200 communities at the same time.

DBL (date) adheres to the concept of blockchain technology decentralization, based on the community power and the interests of users, and gradually transition to a fully autonomous community-based digital asset integration ecology. DBL (dao) community adopts global distributed collaborative office, gathers all forces with obvious advantages and consistent ideas, implements the decentralized values, and realizes sharing, sharing and co-governance with the community and users.

Development roadmap


The founding team invited the UK for the first time, Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures led the investment, combined with multinational experts in the blockchain field, financial scientists and well-known Wall Street stock market trading team tried to establish a decentralized debt laboratory development plan, and get support, become the basis of the establishment of the company;

Company first named: DBL (dao);

Technical core members gather meetings, finalized the technical framework and planning and start the system research and development;

The Community marketing team was established


Research and development of BL (ao) decentralized debt laboratory;

To raise funds and obtain investment from an alliance of investment institutions composed of many international quantitative giants;


Test code preliminary test;

DBL (of ao) system open beta version for testing;

In April, 2023

DBL (date) is officially launched

Actively expand and conduct strategic cooperation with high-quality blockchain trading platforms to provide users with more secure trading channels;

Attract more venture capital institutions to enter, to provide users with stronger strength guarantee, to provide rich returns to the investment institutions of the alliance;

In June, 2023

Gradually launch DBL (ao) ecological application to provide users with more revenue channels;


In addition, it is worth mentioning that many of the DBL (ao) strategic investors have close cooperation with head trading platforms, head projects, media communities, etc. In the future, DBL (ao) can provide comprehensive empowerment in exchange traffic, ecological cooperation, media exposure and other aspects.

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